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Commercial truck drivers have a legal responsibility to operate their tractor trailer responsibly and share the road safely with passenger vehicles. It’s part of their training when they receive a commercial driver’s license, and it’s required by law. When a tractor trailer driver fails to use proper caution behind the wheel and causes a crash that injures you or a loved one, you may seek compensation for the harm you have suffered. Don’t let the negligent actions of a truck driver or trucking company leave you burdened with medical debt. Let a knowledgeable truck accident attorney review the details of your accident and discuss your legal options free of charge.

At Cohen & Jaffe, our Great Neck truck accident lawyers are experienced, compassionate and qualified. We’ll work hard to seek a full truck accident settlement on your behalf and reduce your worries about medical bills and your financial future. Contact us today to discuss holding the irresponsible trucker and their employer responsible for your injury.

Great Neck Truck Accidents

Every one of Great Neck, New York’s 10,000 residents knows how important our roads are to the community. You go to the supermarket, take your kids to school, and drive to the train. In nice weather, you might cross the island and go to one of the beaches.

Whether you drive Long Island Expressway into Manhattan every day or rarely leave Great Neck, you must share the road with tractor trailers and other large trucks. A large truck making sharp turns on narrow Long Island streets can put smaller cars at risk.

Other trucks, such as mail carriers, garbage trucks, dump trucks and delivery vans, can pose a danger to other motorists and pedestrians. With the huge boom in delivery grocery and shopping services, there are many delivery trucks on Long Island roads and Great Neck drivers have to be extremely careful. Unfortunately, even very careful drivers sometimes end up in crashes caused by other drivers’ errors.
If you an injured in a collision with an 18-wheeler, you may seek compensation for the economic and non-economic losses you sustained from the accident. The truck driver and the trucker’s employer may be liable for the accident. You need to file a personal injury claim against the person or business that hurt you if the insurer refuses to pay your claim.

At Cohen & Jaffe, an experienced New York truck accident lawyer can handle the claims process for you. We’ll investigate your truck crash, identify who was negligent and demand that they cover the costs you’ve incurred. You can claim compensation for your medical bills, the money you lost from not working, and your pain and suffering.

Causes of Large Truck Crashes in Great Necktruck and car sideways collision

Truck crashes can be caused by the trucker, another driver, or factors outside of the vehicles altogether. A semi-truck crash lawyer at Cohen & Jaffe will evaluate all of the potential causal factors for your crash and identify those who may be held liable.

It’s important to have an experienced Great Neck injury lawyer on your side. The attorneys at Cohen & Jaffe will investigate the cause of the truck accident and all the responsible parties in the accident. Liability determines who is required to pay compensation for your crash, including your medical bills and other real and subjective costs.

A serious truck accident may be caused by any of the following factors:

  • Speeding. Truck drivers often face tight deadlines to get goods to their destinations. When they exceed the speed limit, they put everyone at risk. Driving at a high speed reduces the amount of time that a driver has to avoid a crash.
  • Distraction. Looking at a phone, using a GPS, or eating food at the wheel can be enough to take a truck driver’s eyes off the road and cause a crash. Many truck accidents are caused by driver inattention.
  • Improper lane changes. Trucks have large blind spots on all sides. A truck driver may not see a vehicle in the adjacent lane that is in a blind spot. If the truck driver tries to move into the lane occupied by the other vehicle, it can cause a crash.
  • Failure to signal. Always signal before exiting or changing lanes, so that truckers and other vehicles can anticipate your movements.
  • Tailgating. Large trucks require longer distances to stop. Some truck drivers follow too closely. Tailgating causes many rear-end accidents involving large trucks.
  • Cutting trucks off. A truck driver may be unable to stop if another vehicle pulls in front of the truck without allowing enough space for the truck to adjust speed.
  • Impaired driving. Truck drivers have high-stress jobs. Some drivers involved in crashes are impaired by alcohol or the effects of medication. Driving under the influence is negligent and can cause catastrophic injury and death.
  • Recklessness. Sometimes drivers are poorly trained or remain drivers despite poor driving records. Trucking companies may be liable if they leave unsafe drivers on the road.

While the tractor trailer operator may be directly responsible for an accident, sometimes others involved with the shipping process are at fault.

Truck maintenance, loading, road conditions, and manufacturing negligence may contribute to a truck accident.

  • Faulty truck parts. If a truck causes a crash due to a defective truck part, the manufacturer of the component may be held liable for the accident.
  • Improperly maintained trucks. Faulty brakes, engines, or tires can cause serious crashes. Truckers and shipping companies have to maintain their tractors and trailers properly, including regularly checking the brakes and other critical parts. If the owners of tractor trailers haven’t maintained their vehicles properly, they may be found negligent.
  • Improperly balanced or secured loads. Fully loaded big rigs can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. They must be loaded carefully and safely. If the cargo shifts around in transit, it can cause the truck driver to lose control and cause an accident. When that happens, the company that loaded the cargo may be held responsible for the crash.
  • Unmaintained roads. Roads and highways with potholes, cracks, and other defects can cause drivers to lose control.

Who Pays After a Truck Crash?

Our Long Island injury attorneys will undertake a complete investigation of your Great Neck truck crash and identify those who are liable. This process of identifying potentially liable parties can be complicated. That is why it’s crucial that you hire a knowledgeable truck crash lawyer.

If your crash was caused by an improperly loaded truck, the claim may involve the insurance companies representing the truck driver, their employer, and the shipper or other companies involved with loading the truck. All of these entities will have insurance policies that may pay your damages. They’ll also all have lawyers to try to dispute your claim.

You may have questions about whether you can make a truck crash claim if you think your driving partially caused the collision. In New York, you may still file an injury claim even if you are found to be partly to blame. Your payment will be reduced by the percentage that you are found to be at fault.

Damages in a Great Neck Truck Accident

Once our lawyers have identified the liable parties, we will submit a demand letter requesting that you be compensated for your losses. We will attempt to negotiate a just settlement with the insurance companies for the driver, the trucking company, or others involved.

If the insurance company or companies refuse to agree to a fair settlement, we will be prepared to go to court to seek justice for you. A court may award you damages if the jury returns a verdict in your favor.

Damages for truck crash injuries can include:

  • Past medical bills from your injury
  • Future medical bills related to your injury
  • Lost income in the form of wages or salary from work you missed
  • Property damage, such as the cost of your car
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages in special circumstances

To give yourself the best chance of receiving a just truck accident settlement, turn to an experienced truck collision lawyer at Cohen & Jaffe for assistance. You deserve honest legal representation and full compensation for your truck crash injuries. Let us help you.

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Our attorneys handle truck accident injury cases on a contingency fee basis. You won’t pay anything to us until your case is settled in your favor. Call Cohen & Jaffe today to schedule a free consultation. We’ll always respond within a day. Call us at (516) 358-6900 or contact us online.

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