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Past Scholarship Winners

2018 Scholarship Winners

  1. Robyn Faye Auslander
    First at $1000, 171 votes
  2. Colin Capece
    Runner-up at $500, 151 votes
  3. Anthony Napoli
    Honorable Mention at $250, 144 votes
  4. Caroline Swenson
    Honorable Mention at $250, 112 votes
  5. Alex Sheranko
    Honorable Mention at $250, 93 votes

2017 Scholarship Winners

  1. Juan Suarez
    First at $1000, 329 votes
  2. Dane Dunnavan
    Runner-up at $500, 209 votes
  3. Julia Greenspan
    Honorable Mention at $250, 117 votes
  4. Sarah Simon
    Honorable Mention at $250, 115 votes
  5. Ariel Glosson
    Honorable Mention at $250, 65 votes

2016 Scholarship Winners

  1. Adrianna Quig, Brewerton, NY
  2. Lauren Kreinces, Dix Hills, NY
  3. Mariel Nario, Oxnard, CA
  4. Gilberto Peña, Lynwood, CA
  5. Mollie Weinstein

2015 Scholarship Winners

  1. Carolyn Simon, Deerfield, IL
    Attends Deerfield High School and will be attending Indiana University in Bloomington to study psychology and journalism.
  2. Ben Piperno, Valley Stream, NY
    Attends Geroge W. Hewlett High School and will be attending Boston University’s College of Engineering.
  3. Joshua Reichek, Jericho, NY
    Attends Jericho High School and will be attending New York University to study law.
  4. Alaina Merendino, Hauppauge, NY
    Attends Hauppauge High School, has been accepted to Adelphi University, Seton Hall University and Sacred Heart University for their respective psychology programs. She is still deciding which university to attend.
  5. Jeremy David Wiss, Massapequa Park, NY
    Attends Massapequa High School and will be attending Quinnipiac University to study law.

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