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Essay Six

At the age of four my parents worked opposite shifts to take care of me. On the way home, one rainy morning my dad’ s car was hit by another car that choose to take an exit ramp at the last minute and cut across the front of my dad’ s car, sending in to a guard rail. The Jaws of Life had to cut my dad out and he had broken his back. My mom was told if my dad did not have surgery, he would not walk as he got older. My parents chose surgery, which did not go well. A three hour surgery took eight hours and was not completed. My dad’s heart had stopped during the surgery and the doctor lost a bolt in his back that should have been attached to a medal cage in his back. Half of the cage was not bolted in, so my dad had to stay in the hospital and go for another surgery. My dad was sent home with a walker and a full upper cast, that I called his turtle shell. He could not walk and my mom had to carry him on her back. At this time, my mom was like a single parent, caring for both my dad and me and working full time. My dad could not work anymore and could not get disability. My mom struggled to pay the bills and raise me. My dad over time began to walk and finally got disability after three years. My dad has a medal cage in his back and is still limit to what he can do. My mom and dad had told me they decided not to have anymore children because of my dad ‘s health and were luck to have me. So I’m an only child.

My dad thought he had a lawyer through his job working for him to help with the expenses of the accident. In the long run, my parents found out the lawyer did nothing for them and time ran out to get a new lawyer. My parents spent hours getting medical records and x-rays to prove their case. My parents just wanted their bills paid. In the long run, my parents had a lot of credit card debit. I think that medical facilities should help people with their bill, when surgeries don’ t go well. People could be protected like an insurance to have their bills waivered in the cases that doctors don’ t complete their surgeries as promised. I think if my family didn’t have to worry about all the extra bills they received because my dad had two surgeries, instead of one, our lives would have been so much better. Now that I’m eighteen, my parents are finally getting out of debt, but now have to look forward to paying for my college. With protection from miss happenings from doctors, my family would have been better off.

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