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With medical mal practice errors making up one third of the leading causes of death in the U.S. we need to begin taking the issue with more respect. There are a lot of ethical guidelines that need to be followed when dealing with patients directly that aim to protect the integrity of the patients psychological health, physical well being, and over all comfort throughout the procedure if such is needed.

The majority of casualties that happen on a daily basis within hospitals go undocumented as medical malpractice because the CDC has not updated death certificates to allow doctors to document medical errors. This presents a problem to the people trying to detect the most common causes of malpractice and it essentially suppresses the creation of prevention efforts because it lowers awareness. The topic seems to be over looked because medical errors are seen as unpreventable, but in reality the majority of the time mal practice is due to the assumption of doctors that the patient is either over exaggerating or that their condition is not as severe. This leads to patients walking away from needed treatments because of careless mistakes.

The problems of malpractice range from infections during surgery to the failure of following up on patients, and even general mental exhaustion of the doctor. In order to ensure the safety of our patients we need to begin regulating thoroughly what, how, and why the casualty happened to begin the implementation of safer guidelines. In the mean time that the data Is collected we need to implement a third party overseer that looks over doctors without interfering in their decision making, but assuring that they are following all of the safety procedures whether it be a surgery or a general consultation.

One of the most important things to look out for is following up on patients with possibilities for cancer especially in women since the rate for false-negatives is so high in mammograms.

Doctors are not perfect and it is imperative for the well being of the patients that they are at peak performance 100% of the time. This is where the overseer really makes a difference because no matter how much experience the doctor has in the field he is still vulnerable to human error, and those chances of vulnerability increase with exhaustion. The subconscious thought of being watched will influence the doctors to think twice before they do anything and potentially harm the patient.

Mal practice still affects patients outside of the surgery room, and with a rise in the prescription drug epidemic it is safe to say that doctors are overprescribing strong medications to people who are clearly not in the correct mental state to take such powerful drugs. In order to protect our patients from the dangers of prescriptions drugs we will need a much larger group of lawyers to wander through the litigation of safe and non lethal alternatives for people that are not in the proper state of mind to be given powerful narcotics to be taken at free will. We will find a way to increase awareness in the medical field to assist our doctors in keeping the patients safe while still maintain the cost down. It is only a matter of time before we come across the valuable data that would point in the right direction, but in the meantime we need to implement the safety net which would be the third party overseer.

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