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Essay Seven

Mariel Nario

I currently attend Channel Islands High School. I plan to attend University of California Los Angeles as a Biology major in the upcoming school year.

Reaching My Full Potential

Of the many words to describe me, I strongly believe that the words “motivated” and “optimistic” are what truly represent me as a person. To me, having a focused and strong-willed mindset is crucial in order to reach my goals and aspirations. Maintaining a positive outlook not only in regards to school but also in life is also beneficial in reaching personal goals.

Leaving the Philippines was the hardest obstacle I had to overcome. With it came emotional hardships and the need to understand the value of exchanging the familiarity of home to the unce11ainties of moving to a new country. However, it not only challenged my emotional and mental strength, but it also opened my eyes to all the possibilities I wish to discover and dreams I have yet to reach.

When I was in the Philippines, I faced only the constant reminder to do well in school. Growing up, the good grades on my report card only reflected the joy they gave to my family. To me, success was for the sole purpose of returning my parents’ hard work and constant support. During my first year in America, I questioned my parents’ decision of migrating. It was difficult to adapt to a new environment. I contested, yelled, and argued, mostly because I was confused and scared at the same time. I recall that as being the first time my parents spoke to me as if I were an adult. They opened up their hardships with paying for our school tuitions and monthly expenses. It was through deep conversations with my parents that I realized the great amount of sacrifice they gave in order to instill a better future not for themselves, but for my siblings and me.

It is with my hard work and determination that pushed me to break down the language barrier that inhibited me to widen my interest in education here in the United States. My resilience is what keeps me working until the late hours of night in order to give my best effort in all my homework and tasks assigned to me. The passion and drive is what makes me an involved student who actively participates in many school clubs and extracurricular activities. My persistence is what fuels me to learn from my mistakes and improve on my skills. Whether it may be small tasks or huge projects, I always give my one-hundred percent in everything that I do.

As I adapt to my new home, I learned the importance of not only earning high marks but also performing tasks with passion and drive. I continued to strive hard to make my parents proud and set a good example to my younger siblings so that I can confidently empower them to bravely follow their dreams as I follow mine.

With my positive outlook, I formed the dream of pursuing higher education. Growing up in a low-income family household, both in the Philippines and in the United States, I have been exposed to the value of hard work and persistence. I have been taught to be goal-oriented. Being able to go to college will open up more opportunities for me so that I will be able to help my family and my community in the future. Setting foot in a new country marked as a pivotal moment in finding my true aspirations. Facing both struggles and accomplishment shaped me to become the person I am today -a person excited to learn more to better herself.

As the first child in my family to go to a university, I want to set a good example to my younger siblings so that they too can strive to succeed in their future fields of study. I would apply the knowledge I gain in order to help the people. In the future, I want to help the community by encouraging young students to seek higher education. I plan to take on the medical field because of my passion for science and discovery. By immersing myself in the field of science, I would be given a chance to learn more about ailments and conditions which I can use to help those who are sick. I dream of one day finding cure for diseases. In doing so, I would be given the opportunity in order to provide help to the community that propelled my desire to learn. With my determination and positivity, I believe that I can truly reach my full potential.

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