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Essay Two

When so called “miracles” or “wonders” occur, limits are not broken. That is, because they were never there to begin with. What are broken, rather, are our expectations or ideas of mental barriers that halt our progress. We as humans, have continuously been molded by the expectations from ourselves, our friends, and the world. What breaks those expectations, which often prove to be obstacles in our life, is the tenacity and persistence of the individual. It is a sense of resourcefulness that really brings become a country of innovators.

Resourcefulness is the ability to use all that is available to an individual to accomplish a task. A major component of that is to never blame one’s problems on the lack of resources, be they time, money, power, or connections. That is because with true motivation and resourcefulness, one will find a fifth way, or a sixth way and so on.

Ten years ago, when my family moved to the United States, I didn’t speak a lick of English. But I was excited nonetheless to be here. I was originally born in Manhattan, but spent, y childhood in Israel. What I heard about the education system was great, but as a second grader, that didn’t matter as much. What mattered was that the sooner I learned English, the sooner I would be able to watch the Hollywood classics, or start my path as a young scientist. Everyone, from all over the world has heard about how cool it is to be in America. The freedom is great, but the traditional American dream that people look for is the idea of working despite hard times and bad conditions, to make one’s own place, and place a stake on the earth. And I wanted no less. So I decided to work hard as soon as possible. I took those extra English classes: I studied hard throughout elementary, middle, and high school, and I made sure to take the classes that would take me the farthest in life. I remember that just a school year after coming to the states, I moved from the resources room to the gifted program where WordMasters: English based competitions were my favorite. From then my fascination with our world’s culture, knowledge and history grew. I took courses in technology, molecular research, and CAD design. I wanted to be the next Pasteur, so I studied molecular Biology. I took extra art classes on weekends when my schedule filled up at my school, because art was exciting enough to hook me in.  With help, I actively searched out for opportunities to better myself, even when I had no time nor money. When I started my hobbying in CAD 3D design , I knew nothing about the field , be it the terminology , the programs , or even anyone to properly teach me . But I continued to teach myself nonetheless. There weren’t classes I could have just easily signed up for. When life didn’t offer me a door, I made one myself. I spent a majority of my free time just looking up terms, studying the masters, and gaining the knowledge I would need. This was out of necessity, and because in my eyes, it was fun. There is something about humans, which is that they will always strive to do what is fun. For me, you, and the entire human race, it is second nature.

So when it comes to defining traits what make us the productive, and creative contributors to society that we aspire to be, any trait will do. One can be smart, strong, characteristic, or even just lucky. But all people share and intrinsic sense of fun and dedication to whatever their life. But all people share an intrinsic sense of fun and dedication to whatever their life calls out for. When individuals can specify what makes their lives fun, and enjoyable, no obstacle can block them.


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