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2019 Scholarship Winners

Number of votes: 408

Essay Nine

1st Place: Jennifer Saucedo - $1,000

Life’s greatest joy is being able to have share precious moments with family. Growing up, the importance of family had always been instilled in my brain. My immediate family and extended family always made the time to see each other, because there was no way we would be the family that only saw each other on holidays. It did not matter if half of my family lived in Austin and the other half lived in the Rio Grande Valley, distance never was an issue.... READ MORE

Number of votes: 192

Essay Ten

Runner Up: Charles Simon - $500

Concussions in youth and high school sports is a pressing issue that needs careful and thoughtful action taken in order to limit them in the future. There are an estimated 350,000 sport-related traumatic brain injuries, predominantly concussions, that occur annually in the United States for people ages 15-24. In recent years, there have been more studies on youth concussions and increased measures taken to prevent them. I believe there is significant emphasis on safety in sports because many positive steps have been taken to treat and prevent future concussions. However, it is important that research continues because concussions will continue to be an important issue in sports.... READ MORE

Number of votes: 137

Essay Six

Honorable Mention: Pamela Kreinces - $250

Many people remember February 14, 2018 as the day of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, but in my school it is the day that a good friend to of mine was hit by a 2007 Ford Sedan driven by a twenty-three year old. My friend lived only a few blocks from the school and was walking home after an SAT preparatory class when he was struck by the reckless driver. The next day in school, around fourth period, while grieving the loss of the lives in Parkland, as many of us knew some of the victims, we also heard the tragic news confirming an event that we all hoped to be strange rumors. Our friend had gone through the front windshield of a car that was speeding over 60 miles per hour, twice the legal speed limit in a school and residential area.... READ MORE

Number of votes: 110

Essay Four

Honorable Mention: Nolan Deja - $250

Christmas Day of 1963, Susan, a nineteen-year-old, deaf woman, was walking across the street. Moments before, she was sharing in the laughter, gift exchange, and delicious treats of the holiday season. She sees her boyfriend, Wayne, also profoundly deaf, a few steps ahead of her on the quiet residential road, a road that she knew since childhood. As she stretches her hand out, attempting to use her sense of touch to grab his attention, a speeding blue Chevrolet Camaro comes flying around the corner.... READ MORE

Number of votes: 66

Essay Two

Honorable Mention: Chloe Cunningham - $250

After playing Volleyball my freshman year at my high school as well as being involved in athletic training my senior year and having friends that are involved in many sports across-the-board, I’ve had the opportunity to see the safety and protection that goes into each sport to make sure that the athletes are safe at all times at Oviedo High School.... READ MORE

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