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Types of Personal Injury Claims Settled by an Injury Lawyer in Long Island, New York

Accidents are a part of our lives. All of us face a number of minor accidents every day as we follow our daily routines. However, if serious injuries are sustained, they can hinder our everyday activities and cause long term disabilities, absences from work – or in very severe scenarios – death.

Any injury that is sustained due to the negligence of others can be considered a personal injury. Accordingly, in order to avoid hefty medical bills and debts, the injured person files a case with the help of a personal injury lawyer so that they may be compensated for their loss.

There are a number of situations where an attorney can help you in settling your personal injury claims and attaining your rightful compensations in Long Island, New York. These include:

Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents are the most common kind of personal injury and thus, this type incorporates of a wide variety of accidents within itself:

  • Car accidents where you have suffered an injury after being hit by a car.
  • Motorcycle or bicycle accidents where you have been riding it and have been hit by a truck or a motorist.
  • Pedestrian accidents where you have been injured while walking on the sidewalk.
  • Drunk and driving incidents where you have suffered an injury because of the reckless driving of a drunken driver.

All these types of car accidents and more; are included in the category of traffic related accidents that are applicable for personal injury claims.

Premises Liability Accidents

Property owners are responsible for keeping their owned premises safe for other people. Thus, if you have suffered a slip and fall injury or have been bitten or attacked by someone’s pet, you are entitled to a personal injury claim.

Premises liability claims are mostly made against businesses and home owners who have not secured their premises properly. This type of personal injury also includes any damages sustained by non personnel at construction sites due to unsafe use of machinery.

Accidents at the Workplace

There are several workplaces that are more dangerous than others, like; construction sites. However, a personal injury claim is only applicable when the worker is certain that adequate steps have not been taken by the employer to ensure the workers’ safety.

Wrongful Death of a Loved One

The unfortunate death of someone you love due to acts and negligence of others is a hard situation to accept. However, whether the cause has been medical malpractice or a tragic accident; either way, the survivors of the deceased deserve to get compensation for their loss and an attorney can help them in attaining it.

Other Personal Injuries

Accidents that occur on vacations and holidays are also included in personal injury claims. For instance, an injury due to lack of safety on board a ship or within a hotel, is a personal injury on which you can demand a compensation from the cruise lines or hotel management respectively.

No matter what type of personal injury you have suffered, a personal injury attorney in Long Island, New York can help you in settling your claims efficiently. So find the best personal injury lawyer in your area today!

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