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T-Bone Accidents Among Worst on Our Highways

The private garbage truck that T-boned a BMW early on Saturday morning on Long Island so badly damaged both the BMW and itself when the two vehicles caught fire that there was little hope for the BMW passengers. In fact, the BMW was badly burnt and the investigators are still not sure whether there were any other people in the vehicle at the time of the impact.

The car accident is a terrible reminder just how bad a T-bone accident can be, especially when the vehicle that smashes into the side of the other is a heavy truck. T-bone accidents, characterized by a broadside impact, typically happen at intersections when one or other of the two vehicles involved is traveling too fast and does not see the other moving perpendicularly in front of it.

T-bone accidents should not happen because few intersections are totally uncontrolled. In urban areas, most intersections have traffic lights or other signs to indicate who is supposed to yield the right of way. It is rare that the signs are so unclear that one of the drivers just doesn’t know who has the right of way. More commonly, the accident happens because one, or occasionally both, drivers have taken a risk or have been so distracted by something else that they just didn’t stop in time. Speeding is another issue, because some vehicles driven too fast may not be able to brake in time.

The Long Island accident happened at 4:15 a.m., so visibility would have been poor when the garbage truck, traveling west along Bayview Avenue, smashed into the BMW, which was heading south on Sheridan Boulevard. Apparently, local residents woke up hearing a loud booming noise and then the two vehicles burst into flames. The impact of the two vehicles also downed nearby power lines, causing power cuts to around 300 people.

It was thought that there were only two people in the BMW at the time of the crash, but their bodies were very badly burnt to the point that it may be difficult to identify them. As is often the case, the driver of the larger vehicle – the garbage truck – was only injured, although quite seriously. He is expected to survive the accident.

No doubt someone, somewhere will be wondering where their loved ones have gone and will be waiting for their return. It’s hard to imagine their reaction when they discover what has happened.

There is no indication at this stage why the accident took place and who or what was to blame, but accidents don’t just happen and there is always an explanation. When negligence is involved and it can be proved, victims of a serious accident or their close family if someone has died a wrongful death may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the person or people at fault. Accident victims should not have to shoulder the financial effects of a serious accident which has been caused by someone else’s negligence. If you or a member of your family is badly injured in any kind of accident, then you should contact an experienced Long Island car accident lawyer like Richard S. Jaffe Esq. of the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP.

You can contact Richard Jaffe at the Law Offices of Cohen & Jaffe LLP, 2001 Marcus Avenue, Suite W295, Lake Success, NY 11042. Phone: 516-358-6900 or toll free: 800-483-6149. He offers a free consultation for accident victims and does not charge any legal fees unless a lawsuit is successful.

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