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Social Media Could Be the Answer to Improving the Effectiveness of Emergency Services

Social media came into the world and changed it immensely. Social media shrinks the world and makes it a smaller and more connected place. Now, the creators of 911Bot have worked with the Facebook Messenger application to make it a safer place.

The 911Bot was recently introduced at the TechCrunch event in New York. Tech outlets have been buzzing since that release, and applauding the app and the potential benefits of the new program. The add-on will make it possible for users to connect with law enforcement authorities in the event of an emergency and save precious minutes that could result in saved lives.

Emergency Services & Social Media Innovations

Calling 911 is not especially difficult, but providing citizens with additional means by which to report emergency situations can only help save lives. The application is a chat bot that will be folded into the current Facebook Messenger operating system. These new features, aptly named the 911Bot, will make it easier to reach law enforcement and emergency services for incidents like car crashes and shootings. The theory is that sometimes it’s easier to send a message than it is to make a phone call.

While the application is still going through heavy testing before being rolled out to the public, it’s an intriguing possibility. Crisis situations are known to increase blood pressure and wreak havoc on the sensibilities. Even the calmest and most even-tempered person can panic during an emergency situation, and fear can make it difficult to speak clearly and succinctly during an emergency phone call. The creators of 911Bot think it may be easier for users to send a message or picture when they are otherwise too overwhelmed to speak.

Streamlined Emergency Services & Accuracy

The Facebook Messenger 911Bot is going through rigorous testing, and it will make reporting and contacting authorities easier and more streamlined. One of the biggest challenges for law enforcement and emergency workers during a crisis is information collection. Injured or at-risk parties usually spend minutes of precious time waiting on the phone to get information to the correct people so that aid can be dispatched.

The creators said it was the time-consuming minutes used collecting information from victims that slow down 911 dispatchers. The 911Bot begins every report by asking users to submit a photo or message regarding the incident they’d like to send to the police. The bot notifies the police on behalf of the user, and it sends phone numbers, location details, and a detailed report based on the user’s text in the form of an automated message.

While users wait for the police to respond, the bot refers them to relevant information that can help save lives during the wait. Lifesaving information like step-by-step CPR instructions with pictures will provide users with vital assistance in the time it takes emergency services to arrive. Choking and drowning are just two emergency situations where every minute could make the difference between life and death. In motor vehicle accidents, drivers and passengers can work quickly to also save the lives of themselves and those around them using an app like 911Bot.

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