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Five Safety Tips for Your Child’s First Visit to the Playground

Summer in New York is breathtaking. There is nothing quite like the heat, bustle, and sweet fragrances that line the streets. With our expansive public parks and recreation system, spending time outdoors is irresistible. Parents of young children in the city spend hours enjoying our many playgrounds.

In order to take full advantage of the fun that summer brings, it is important to follow some key safety precautions. As child accident lawyers on Long Island, we know that a little preparation can go a long way. Consider five of our best safety tips to turn your next visit to the playground into a memory that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.

Bring Healthy Snacks and Fresh Water

Naturally, kids burn a ton of energy even when visiting the playground, even for just an hour. They run, scream, and climb everything. It is in their nature. Healthy snacks are a good source of fuel to keep them charged during their play time. Fresh, cold ice water is a great way to keep them hydrated and cool as summer temps rise.

Carry a Decent First-Aid Kit

Taking along a good first aid kit will ensure you are covered for any minor injuries that pop up. Materials used for playground equipment often include metal, wood, or hard plastic. These materials are known to cause cuts, scrapes, splinters, and bruises. A first aid kit can bring relief to you or your child quickly without sacrificing a great day at the park.

Discuss Age-Appropriate Safety Rules Beforehand

Depending on how old your child is, you may or may not have safety rules to discuss. Children ages three and older are capable of basic comprehension of the rules for playing at the playground. Some of these rules may include:

  • No touching or playing with stray animals
  • Only talking to other children or adults known to the child
  • Reporting accidents or injuries immediately
  • Designating a meet-up spot if your child is lost

Keep the rules simple and age-appropriate for the child. Not only do they protect him or her, you also establish healthy expectations.

Adults Should Avoid Playing on Playground Equipment

One of the best parts of taking your child to a playground is being able to relive your own childhood memories. You might even be excited about going down the slide or swinging on the swings with your little one. Unfortunately, some playgrounds are engineered and manufactured for the height and weight of a child only. Fully grown adults could cause equipment to break down or malfunction. It is best to avoid this issue if possible.

Report Malfunctioning Playground Equipment

Playground equipment should be regularly maintained by the facility administrators or manufacturer. Take pictures and make notes of any playground equipment you see in need of repair. The safety of your child and others depends upon everyone doing their part. If you see something, say something! Report broken equipment through the proper channels.

Speak with a Long Island Child Accident Lawyer if Something Unexpected Happens

Kids will be kids. They are capable of accidents or injuries to themselves or others. Sometimes, it is someone else’s negligence that causes this to happen, as well. If your child was injured while playing at the playground, you may be entitled to compensation. The child accident attorneys at Cohen & Jaffe, LLP are here to help. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case by calling (866) 878-6774 or by submitting our contact form.


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