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Too Many Truck Accidents in New York

Any driver who uses the New York or New Jersey freeways is constantly aware of the number of trucks moving at speed at any time of day or night. Truck drivers are limited by regulation when it comes to speed, load size and hours that can be driven without rest. These regulations are designed to cut down the number and severity of potential accidents, but accidents still seem to occur with depressing frequency on our highways. Any truck accident is likely to lead to serious injuries to the drivers of the trucks themselves or any other vehicle occupants who are innocently caught in the crash scene.

Yet another multi vehicle truck pile up occurred a couple of days ago on the New Jersey turnpike. A simple enough event seemed to be the initial cause. A pick up truck had to stop in the right hand lane due to a tire blowout. This should have been easy enough to avoid given due care and attention by oncoming drivers of any sort of vehicle. In this incident, something seemed to go wrong as another truck ­ a tractor trailer stopped just short of the first one. A third truck slammed into the back of the second one with such force that the container it was carrying tore free and slid forwards into the roadway. The fourth truck appeared to try and negotiate the stopped trucks, but hit the container and overturned.

The accident has not yet been investigated fully, so no blame at this stage can be leveled against anybody. However, several of the drivers and passengers were injured, one of them critically, and without doubt they will soon be asking questions about who was responsible. At this stage, no other vehicles sustained any damage and nobody else but the occupants of the four trucks involved appear to have been injured.

Accidents don’t just happen. Very few injuries on New York highways are due just to natural causes. Almost always somebody is to blame. In most truck accidents, driver error is usually to blame for the majority of incidents. Tiredness, aggressive or careless driving, driving too close to the vehicle in front for the conditions and driving too fast are the most common causes of these accidents with often tragic results. Some truck accidents are more complex and it takes a good professional attorney to clarify who or what was responsible when drivers, a truck company and even road authorities may all have a part to play in a truck accident scenario.

If you, or a member of your family, have been injured in an accident involving a truck anywhere in the state, act fast and contact Richard Jaffe Esq. of Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP. He is a personal injury attorney who has had extensive experience dealing with many types of injuries caused by vehicle accidents and has successfully represented many victims of truck accidents. Truck companies and their respective insurance companies are well known for a speedy cover up of evidence showing the culpability of any of their drivers if they can get away with it. This particularly applies to deflecting blame the company itself if loading, driver training or screening, spare parts and maintenance are potentially to blame for the accident.

Truck accidents can cause serious injuries. When you are not to blame for these injuries you have the absolute legal right to claim fair and just damages from those responsible. Act now and contact Richard S. Jaffe Esq. at 516-358-6900

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