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Understanding New York Compensatory Damages

A person who pursues a personal injury lawsuit can receive several types of damages. For example, punitive damage punish the at-fault party’s intentional or wrongful acts that led to an accident and the victim’s injuries. Compensatory damages are designed to make a victim whole after an accident by providing financial relief for medical and other bills. While there are different types of damages available to victims in New York, the state also has regulations in place that limit the amount of damages that a person can receive. It can help accident victims to understand what types of damages are included in the category of compensatory damages. If you or a loved one lives in New York and is involved in an accident, reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney right away to get a sense of the damages to which you might be entitled..

Medical Expenses After an Accident

If the negligence of a party results in substantial physical injuries, an accident victim will likely require hospitalization as well as continued medical treatment. Accident victims in New York are able to claim compensation for any medical costs associated with an accident. These expenses can include hospital bills, prescription medication costs, and rehabilitation costs. Beware of accepting settlement offers from the insurance company without discussing them with your attorney first; these companies are known to offer inadequate settlements that will not cover the costs of a victim’s medical treatment, banking on the victim’s desperation to get money quickly.

Lost Wages After an Injury

Many accidents result in victims missing work for one or several days. If a worker experiences an injury caused by the fault of another party, and is forced to miss work during recovery, he or she can pursue compensation for lost wages. When an accident leaves a victim unable to ever return to work, it can result in a substantial personal injury settlement or award.

Property Damage 

If a party causes damage to an accident victim’s personal property, an accident victim is able to pursue compensation for the costs associated with repairing or replacing these items. In cases in which an accident victim’s car is damaged, it is possible to obtain costs for rental vehicles while the damaged vehicle is being repaired.

Emotional Suffering

It might seem difficult to quantify something like emotional suffering with a financial figure, but courts are often faced with this very task. The amount of compensation that an accident victim receives for emotional suffering will be influenced by a number of factors including medical costs and expert testimony. When awarding this amount, juries can award either large lump sums for the resulting damage or a payment schedule in which an accident victim would receive smaller payments over time.

Speak with our Experienced Accident Lawyers in Long Island 

While it is true that each accident is unique, there are certain categories of compensation common to them all. If you or a loved one is involved in a car accident, an experienced auto accident attorney understands the complexities of the legal system and will ensure that you obtain the compensation you deserve. We are located in New Hyde Park, serving Lake Success, Glen Oaks, Great Neck, Hempstead and the surrounding areas. Contact Cohen & Jaffe today to schedule your initial free case evaluation.

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