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Slip And Fall Accident Settled For $60k in City Of Staten Island

Every day in New York, people may face unexpected dangers posed by negligently kept property. In some cases, injuries will result from a slip and fall accident that leaves the victim facing medical bills and time lost from work.

Fortunately, the legal theory of premises liability holds property owners and managers responsible for many types of accidents and injuries that occur on that property.

Recently, the City of Staten Island settled a police officer’s slip and fall suit against the City for $60,000. According to court papers, in late 2009 the officer was injured when he slipped and fell due to some slippery substance on the floor in the NYPD Narcotics Bureau office.

The location of the slip was near an area of the office where motorcycles were stored. According to the police officer, the floor had been similarly slippery on occasion in the past, but it continued to be a potential hazard until his fall. As a result of the incident, the officer required medical treatment at the hospital. The injuries were so severe that he was totally disabled for some time after the accident.

As this incident illustrates, non-fatal injuries related to slip and fall accidents are a significant problem. These types of accidents can occur in many places, including grocery stores, stairwells and unsafe walkways.

Property owners and managers have an on-going duty to identify and fix potentially dangerous conditions such as slippery floors on their premises. A property owner can be held liable for failing to take reasonable steps to correct a known dangerous condition when someone suffers an injury due to the inaction.


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