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Jul 10

Staged Auto Accidents “Swoop and Squat”

by The Law Offices of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP
Car Accident Lawyer in Long Island

Being involved in an auto accident can be a worst nightmare for anyone. But have you ever been in a situation where a beat-up car with multiple passengers cuts you off and slams on the brakes? No matter what you do…

Jul 3

Child Car Restraints Save Lives

by The Law Offices of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP
Long Island Car Accident Lawyer explains dangers of not restraining children properly in car seats.

Did You Know That Twenty Percent of Children Who Die In Car Accidents Are Not Restrained Properly? A study that was recently published in the Journal of Pediatrics reported that approximately twenty percent of children who were killed in car…

Jun 23

Distracted Drivers Are Costing Insurance Companies Big Money

by The Law Offices of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP
Long Island Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

Last year, one of the nation’s largest automobile insurers lost a significant amount of money for the first time.  State Farm claims that it lost seven billion dollars in 2016 which has been driving the cost of insurance policies. In…

Jun 12

When a Construction Site Worker is Injured

by The Law Offices of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP
Nassau County Construction Accident Lawyer

Is Workers’ Compensation Your Only Source of Recovery After a Construction Site Injury? New York laws and regulations require that most employers carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage in the event that a covered employee is injured…

Oct 18

New York DWI Lawyer: Protecting Your Legal Rights

by The Law Offices of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP
Driver pulled over for drunk driving on Long Island.

In New York, the legal blood alcohol content (“BAC”) for driving an automobile is 0.08%, or about two drinks, on average.  Various factors can affect your BAC, such as body weight, whether you have eaten prior to or while drinking,…