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Archive: Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Our Long Island car accident lawyers report that emergencies like motor vehicle accidents could soon be reported to law enforcement using social media applications.

Social media came into the world and changed it immensely. Social media shrinks the world and makes it a smaller and more connected place. Now, the creators of 911Bot have worked with the Facebook Messenger application to make it a…

Jun 16
Our motor vehicle accident lawyers report that mobile use while driving leads to government social media shaming.

Ticketing hasn’t proven to be a big enough deterrent to curb cellphone usage while driving, so now the government has taken to social media to shame drivers who choose to engage their phones behind the wheel. The government is taking…

Aug 21

ATV Accidents on the Rise in and Around New York

by The Law Offices of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP
Long Island Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Throughout New York City and New York State, a report has been released from Erie County last week voicing concern at the increase in 2015 of ATV (all-terrain vehicle) accidents and injuries. It has been reported that most accidents are…

Mar 10

The Frequency of Taxi Accidents in NYC

by The Law Offices of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP

New York City taxi cabs are involved in 8,000 to 10,000 accidents a year, many of them claiming lives or causing serious injuries. Yet even some of the cabbies involved in the worst crashes can be back on the streets…

Dec 19

Five Common Injuries In Car Accidents

by The Law Offices of Cohen & Jaffe, LLP

Whether caused by negligence or alcohol, bad weather or defective equipment, car accidents can cause life-changing injuries that affect the families of everyone involved. In an effort to prevent these injuries, states across the nation are tightening down on traffic…