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Brooklyn Woman's Death: Alleged Misdiagnosis May Have Caused It

The family of a woman who lost her life while in a Brooklyn hospital alleges that a misdiagnosis caused her death and that this is equivalent to medical malpractice and a state investigation into the case should take place.

The woman’s husband, Jorge Matos, says that his wife, Grisel Soto, who was only 47 years old, died because she was not properly diagnosed at the hospital. Her mistreatment, he alleges, began at the time paramedics arrived at their apartment. At this point, Grisel was screaming uncontrollably and the paramedics grabbed her and strapped her to the bed in what he considers to be an inhumane way of being treated.

Matos claimed a nurse who was working in the hospital emergency room had stated that Soto was under the influence of synthetic marijuana, even though he had never known her to take drugs in the 23 years he had been married to her. Matos went on to describe how his wife had a cardiac arrest and it was too late for the ICU doctor to do anything.

Further investigations have revealed that the woman had an infection that was left untreated, and the office of medical examiners believes that Soto died due to bacterial meningitis.

When a loved one has to go to hospital, you normally breathe a sigh of relief as you expect that he or she will get the highest level of care. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In the case of Grisel Soto, something happened that appeared to result in her not receiving life-saving treatment, and she lost her life.

Cases like this are often difficult to prove. If there is any indication that medical malpractice took place, hospital management may try to cover it up. This makes it important for the family of the deceased to hire an experienced New York medical malpractice attorney who will decide if there is likely to be enough evidence to file a medical malpractice wrongful death claim.

If the attorney decides to take up the case, there are a variety of components to such a claim, including an amount for pain and suffering of the family, loss of consortium, hospital costs and funeral costs. In this case, Grisel Soto may have been an important income earner, so this may be taken into account by the court when arriving at a figure for the medical malpractice wrongful death.

If you live in New York and you believe you have a family member who has suffered medical malpractice, you should contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney like Richard S. Jaffe Esq. to arrange a free consultation to discuss your chances of winning compensation because of the poor treatment suffered by your loved one.

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