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What You Should Know About Long Island Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect


It can be an incredibly difficult decision indeed to decide to put your loved one in a nursing home if it comes to that. However, you should know that most nursing homes are completely safe and caring institutions that will take care of your loved one with the same care you would.

However, in some cases, it’s unfortunate that nursing home abuse and neglect can happen. If you visit your loved one in his or her residence and find that there are obvious signs of abuse or neglect, such as broken bones, bruises, bed sores, or other obvious injury, you should certainly contact Nassau personal injury attorneys to help you with your case. You don’t have to suffer in silence.

Look for signs of abuse or neglect that are not as obvious as well

While physical signs of abuse such as bruises and broken bones are easy enough to see, there may be other signs of abuse or neglect that that you should be paying attention to. If your loved one appears malnourished, dehydrated, less alert than usual, fearful, angry, unhappy or upset, dig further and find out why. If your loved one is undergoing emotional abuse or is not being assisted with personal care so that hygiene is being neglected, this, too, is cause for concern. Remember, your loved one deserves proper care and assistance, whether that be medical, emotional, or physical. If you see even minimal signs of abuse or neglect, take notice. If necessary, take care of your loved one and make sure he or she is safe, and then contact personal injury attorneys in Nassau to take a look at your case. You can sue for damages, pain and suffering; you need this compensation not just for yourself and your loved one as compensation for what you’ve gone through, but to make sure that you have the funds needed take care of your loved one properly.

When “neglect” is serious

Because elderly people have fewer reserves as compared to younger people, they’re usually not able to withstand neglect in a way younger people might. If your loved one is being neglected in a way that malnourishment or dehydration is a concern, or if he or she is not getting any sort of social simulation or even personal care such that depression is an issue, this is serious. Although nursing homes cannot be expected to completely step in and take over for family members in providing social bonds as needed, they certainly can and should treat your loved one with dignity, care and respect. If your loved one is not getting proper care and attention, or is even being overtly abused, you need the services of nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys in Nassau to help you with your case.

What to do if you think neglect or abuse is going on

First, contact nursing home administration to make sure they know what’s going on. If necessary, contact the overseeing agency in your state to report the nursing home for this violation. Move your loved one to a safe location as needed, and then contact a personal injury attorney in Nassau to have a look at your case. He or she will represent you on contingency, at no cost upfront, if your case is found to be valid. You will get the compensation you deserve with absolutely no risk to you, and you can make sure your loved one is safe and well cared for at the same time.